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Read First. Selling Forum: Rules & guidelines

Read First. Selling Forum: Rules & guidelines
« on: February 24, 2012, 07:46:23 AM »
Selling on Whitefriars.com

With the introduction of a forum in which members can sell items on this website I have created an initial list of rules and guidelines for sales. Please feel free to make suggestions, and we will develop as we learn from experience.


1.   Selling is available for Whitefriars items only. This includes items related or relevant to the company?s production, e.g. books. Glass or other items from other companies may NOT be offered for sale, and may be deleted without prior notice.

2.   There will be no references or promotion in the general forum of items being offered for sale.

3.   Please start a new thread for each item or set.

4.   The moderators, the webmaster, and the site are in no way responsible for the successful (or not) outcome of any transaction undertaken on this website. We have no financial or other obligation or liability to any party in any transaction. Please use your own judgement and common sense.


1.   Please clearly identify your item in the thread topic

2.   Please use a max of 3 photos to illustrate your item. Any further photos can be emailed to a potential buyer. Please also size the photos appropriately for a message board ? ?Message Board (640x480) or ?15? Screen (800x600) should be a maximum

3.   I believe it?s useful to indicate your price, but you may want to take offers

4.   It?s obvious, but please ensure you describe the item clearly, including size, condition, etc

5.   Once an item or set has been sold, please update the thread. I?ll try and work out a way that sold items can be easily identified, so they can be allowed to slip down the board and not waste people?s time

6.   Please do not repeatedly ?bump? threads to lift your item up to the top. It will obviously become self-defeating as other people do the same.

7.   We have no formal system of feedback, but we mostly know each other ? ?Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?


Cheers   :)