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Glasses with Histories - 'Lookalikes'

Glasses with Histories - 'Lookalikes'
« on: September 09, 2016, 10:49:27 AM »
Richard Anderson - For James Powell & Whitefriars FB group - 05/10/16

Just acquired this. Although I can't find the precise vase it does seem uncannily similar to examples from the 'Glass with Histories' range. The construction, 'metal', Pontil/base and colour scream Powell to me. Any thoughts anyone?

Patrick Hogan - Tricky one............ Not very exciting and it would certainly help if it was a known Powell design.
What size is it ?

Nigel Benson - The bosses look different to illustrated Powell pieces IMHO.

Wolf Rayner - I have a similar but large piece than this, also purchased with another. I'll get some pics up when i get a chance.

Wolf Rayner Here is my one, it has vertical ribbing.

Richard Anderson - Very interesting, yours is big brother to mine. Where has it come from Wolfie?

Patrick Hogan - Hi guys, What are the sizes of these please ?

Nigel Benson - Any reference for yours Wolf ??

Patrick Hogan - These look to have similar bosses..........

Nigel Benson - So does this......

Patrick Hogan - Nigel, Is it Powell or Walsh Walsh ..... ?

Nigel Benson - Stourbridge..........

Patrick Hogan - Thanks Nigel, good to have an attribution.

Nigel Benson - The point is, that many makers used looped bosses/ring prunts copying a decorative technique of the past. Just because it's green and uses something similar and around the same period doesn't mean it's what you want. I don'T mean to lecture, but the mistake has been hard learnt by me - and I still sometimes surcomb!!! ;) One of my mottos is "Always question".......

Nigel Benson - Even if vague Patrick :O :O
Wolf Rayner - Thanks Nigel, do you know which actual company this drawing comes from, there were several Stourbridge companies? This must be from a design book from a specific company?

Nigel Benson - Sorry, not saying any more at this stage as its part of an ongoing project. Just felt it would help you to look elsewhere and realised you would need more than this is Nigel's gut reaction! The whole of this period and style of glass is a minefield that, even when I think I've got a handle on it, something puts a spanner in the works. I wish I could research full-time but life, and dealing, seems to get in the way :O :O

Terry Martin - Here is a picture of the one from the Adam Partridge, Powell auction

Nigel Benson - Which is totally Powell of course ;) :) There were a few oddities in that auction.

Patrick Hogan - Is that because it is the same as the one shown here......... ?

Nigel Benson - Yes, although not quite as curved as the one in the archive image, it surely has to be. No other competition to my current knowledge ;)

Wolf Rayner - And so where does this sit in the whole scheme of things.

Nigel Benson - You tell me Wolf :)

Nigel Benson - Shame the lighting doesn't show the colour properly!

Wolf Rayner - That is about the correct colour, with a rear light source.

Nigel Benson - Really? Then, compared to the Powell piece Terry shows above, I wouldn't be booking a holiday!!

Wolf Rayner - Well, Terrys is a right wishy washy snap as far I'm concerned, badly photographed!!!

Nigel Benson - Suddenly Harry added a foot?

Wolf Rayner - Just an interesting piece I thought would be good to add to the discussion.

Wolf Rayner - Its from the same sort of period I should think

Nigel Benson - Not quite the same, but ........... Note the pattern number has no relation to Powell.

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