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Forum ettiquette

Forum ettiquette
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:21:18 AM »
Here is a restatement of the rules and guidance for posts in the forum

Here is a draft list of suggested forum etiquette. The intention is to give a guide as to what is likely to be acceptable (or not !) to the moderators and other members. We accept that collectors are a diverse group, all with our own likes and dislikes ? but for the forum to succeed and grow there must be some behaviours and things we agree on. This list will develop and be updated over time, and with input from all contributors ? so please ask questions, challenge, and tell us how you?d like YOUR forum to develop

Green: Probably OK  

? Threads and individual posts on Whitefriars glass. Things you?ve found, questions you?d like answered. Patterns, technical questions on the glass itself, warnings about fakes

? Threads and individual posts on buying and selling. General or specific questions or observations about buying and selling. Rules for eBay, good places to hunt out nice examples, but please no offers of items ?For Sale?

? Threads and individual posts on technical issues. How to post photos into threads, use of URL?s, etc

? Upcoming events (although also note the section for ?Events and Exhibitions?  :)

Amber: Will receive ?close attention?, and may be commented on or removed by moderators  

? Threads or individual posts which appear to bring personal disputes into the forum.

? Be careful with photos and other content which isn't your own. If posting a photo from Ebay or similar which isn't your own, you should obtain permission, if from the Museum of London, give a clear attribution. For other "content" you should either use the quote facility in the forum, or use " "   :?:

Red: Will probably be deleted  

? Spam postings

? Obscenities. Please use language with consideration for other readers ? there are plenty of ways of getting your message across

? Personal selling. There are ?Stickys? for ?Swap Shop? and ?Members Blogs / Selling? etc. The intention is that personal selling does not take place on this site. Be careful also if wanting to buy - an initial post to let someone know you're sending a PM or email is OK, but please keep the rest off the board   :!:


Forum ettiquette
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2011, 04:38:49 PM »
Afternoon everyone,

I agree with every single word in Steve's Sticky about etiquette except one. Please delete the word "probably" which is the second word after "Red" in the third catagory of posts.

Sincere thanks for your efforts on our behalf Steve. A Moderator's job is a good example of a "Thankless Task".

I think you should have the ability and the authority to "Lock" threads either temporarily or permanently if they stray into the amber/red areas described above. Locking a thread ensures that matters cool down for a while and nobody is left thinking they were brought to account and singled out and nobody gets to think they managed to "get one over" on the other members of the site.


Dave KIng

Dave King

Forum ettiquette
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2011, 10:26:46 PM »
Hi Dave,

That is a very useful comment you have made...........

 I have locked the ' Ducks are us  ' thread just to test if it could be done and now I can't see how to unlock it !!!!!!!

Hopefully Dteve is going to try in the morning to unlock it .


                Patrick .  :)  :)  :)

Forum ettiquette
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2011, 09:59:58 AM »
Good morning Steve and Patrick in particular,

I see the infamous thread is now unlocked, so one of you have clearly found the key.

All posters of items likely to raise the blood pressure of the "Mods" you have been warned. Refrain from personal attacks or you will be "LOCKED" in future.

Cheers and good luck to the Moderator (what a thankless but essential task).

Dave King (not Ki)

Dave King